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Machine Learning in Flame

Mike from Fxguide invited me to a fun experiment that became a amazing article. Was just great experience because i grow up in the industry having Fxguide as reference, been there was just amazing to me, Thank You Mike

Benmcewan Interview

Ben and i had this great chat that became this interview for his Blog, Really nice, Thank You Ben

Deniro personal experiment

This was one of my first experiment i posted online, For my surprise it went viral in alot of places, specially on Linkeding with more the 10k likes, 200k views and 400 comments 

GTC: A step-by-step guide to CopyCat

I was invited by Foundry to be on NVIDIA GTC to present ML in Comps, On this case using Nuke's CopyCat,
something i was part in Alpha stage with Foundry. Super cool be part of that with Ben Kent and his team

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