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Image Compositor | Cg Compositor | Stereo Compositor

Ultra Music Festival 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017

2013 I was invited by Charly aka Final Kid to do the post-production for Ultra films. 
I was very happy, it was an honor for me, since than I contribute with post production to Ultra Music Festival and all their culture.


So my role essential on this Post Production was:

VFX Artist, compositor, Concept Designer, Animator of Motion Graphics, All brand ID and the news Worldwide ID Logos with Earth Intro.


* Native 4K VFX Work! Client: FinalKID Amsterdam

Movie 2014 Making-Of:

VFX Breakdown (Making-Of)

This making-of is a sample of my visual effects contribution to Ultra Music Festival films of 2014.

Final movies:
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